Paulus Schoutsen

I ♥ Sublime Text 2

There are tons of text-editors and IDEs out there and I tried my fair share of them but there is nothing for me that beats Sublime Text while working on non-Java based web projects or Python scripts. It has tons […]

Launching Informatica Powercenter 9 workflows from the command-line with PMCMD

During my last year working as an ETL developer I wrote some scripts to automate the work that I was asked to do. This work mostly related to loading files with the use of Informatica Powercenter 9. I’m putting my […]

Creating 1 euro per dag: lessons learned

After months of work we finally released the website for our charity 1 euro per dag at the beginning of this month. The idea is to have a monthly voting between two charities and the winner gets 1 euro per day of […]

Java component JMapViewer with offline OpenStreetMap support

For a prototype that is running in an isolated environment I was in need of an offline OpenStreetMap component for Java. Of all the awesomeness that OpenStreetMap does provide this was not one of them. Luckily I’m not the person […]

Empty strings treated as null value in Oracle

Why o why, dear Oracle, do you treat empty strings as a null value in SQL-queries? And, dear Oracle, if you do so, why did you implement it sloppy? SELECT * FROM table_x WHERE varchar2_column_y <> ”; This query takes […]

Open courseware on Open Standards

For a while I have been involved in a project within the University of Twente to work together with the Dutch government to develop free courseware in Dutch about open standards for use by and within governments. We finalised and […]

Hacking the Wii: playing games stored on USB-devices

I love being lazy, extremely lazy. So when I read online that I am able to play games on my Wii from an external drive so I do not have to get of the couch to change games I jumped […]


One of my little projects to try to make the world a better place: CampusVirus. A virus scanner for the Samba-based network of our campus. I live on the campus of the University of Twente where all computers are connected […]

Better Interpol: Interpol Wanted-list goes Social

Better Interpol: Interpol Wanted-list goes Social

While I was browsing the Interpol Wanted-list to search for a new arch-enemy for the USA I became fed up with the ugly layout of Interpol. Wouldn’t it be better if all those profiles would be in a layout that […]

Managing my digital life: information flow

Managing my digital life: information flow

Some notes: Mail accounts are imported to GMail via POP3-import SMS are imported to GMail via SMS Backup Google Talk has a feature to save chat logs to GMail Description of what’s happening inside GMail is here