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Hacking the Wii: playing games stored on USB-devices

I love being lazy, extremely lazy. So when I read online that I am able to play games on my Wii from an external drive so I do not have to get of the couch to change games I jumped on the bandwagen straight away.

As the Wii-community is a bit unstructured it took a while to sort out all the right stuff but after some hours fiddling I got it all right.


Preparing the SD-Card: Get BootMii and the Homebrew Channel installer

My Wii was running the System Menu version 4.3E and thus I was able to use a fairly new hack to get the Homebrew Channel running: the LetterBomb. Contrary to earlier hacks this exploits a bug in the Wii system software making us independent of buggy games which make them go for a lot on the second hand market.

  1. Get yourself an SD-card
  2. Start your Wii, go into system settings, internet settings and write down the MAC address of your Wii
  3. Go to, follow the instructions, download letterbomb and extract it to the root of your SD card

Preparing the SD-Card: Get IOS236

  1. Download it here
  2. Extract it to your SD-card

Preparing the SD-Card: Get d2x IOS

  1. Download the installer and map236.xml here
  2. Extract the archive to the apps-folder on your SD-card
  3. Move map236.xml to the d2x-folder that you just extracted to the apps folder and rename it to ciosmaps.xml

Preparing the SD-Card: Get Usb Loader

  1. Download the installer here
  2. Extract the archive to your SD-card
  3. Download meta.xml and put it in /apps/USBLoader on your SD-card replacing the existing meta.xml

Preparing the USB-device: Get WBFS files

  1. Make sure your USB-device is formatted in FAT32
  2. Create a folder in the root called “wbfs”
  3. Put WSBF-files of your games inside it


Now you’re ready to mess up your Wii

  1. Plug your SD-card into your Wii
  2. Plug your USB device in the USB port that is closest to the edge of the Wii


Hacking the Wii: installing BootMii and the Homebrew Channel

  1. Go to your messageboard, scroll to yesterday/2 days ago (depends on timezone) and you’ll see an envelope containing a bomb.
  2. Click on the envelope and follow the instructions

Hacking the Wii: installing IOS236

  1. Follow these instructions

Hacking the Wii: installing d2x

  1. Follow these instructions


Done, you can now launch the USB Loader from the Homebrew Channel!

6 Responses

  1. AR

    Great directions! I was just looking for the same thing.

    The only mistake is that you typed “wsbf” instead of “wbfs” for the directory of the game files.

  2. KoeK

    Scheelt een hoop uitzoek werk, bedankt.
    Only step 2 from Preparing the SD-Card: Get IOS236 must be:
    2. Extract the archive to the apps-folder of your SD-card

  3. Hans

    Ik ga het uit proberen,bedankt voor de beschrijving.

  4. D.M.

    Perfect description.
    Thanks for this complete method. It worked great for me.
    Now I can play ! 🙂

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