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Home Assistant dashboard

Home Assistant – home automation in Python

TL, DR:  Python project that you can run on your Raspberry Pi/server/HTPC that will monitor your devices and provides triggers and APIs to control them. Grab Home Assistant from GitHub Since I acquired my Philips Hue bulbs late 2012 I have […]

Keep calm and write your damn thesis

Keep calm and write your damn thesis

On Facebook circulated a low-res picture of “Keep calm and write your damn thesis”. I decided to recreate it as an A3-size poster to motivate my girlfriend on her PhD thesis writing journey. I got a few requests to make the […]

Script hanging randomly when running in PowerShell

While running my Python 2.7 scripts in Windows PowerShell I sometimes bumped into the problem that PowerShell would halt/pause execution of my scripts until I pressed a key. Initially I blamed it on myself and that I wrote some bad […]

Living below the line

Living below the line

Last week my girlfriend and I engaged in a challenge set forth by the Global Poverty Project in their Live Below The Line campaign: Live Below the Line is a campaign that’s changing the way people think about poverty—and making […]

Screenshot showing my mac mining bitcoins with poclbm

Bitcoin mining on a Mac running Mountain Lion

I recently started speculating with some bitcoins. A lot of fun and a good way to learn the trading game. After trading with bitcoins for the last few weeks I wanted to see how the other side of bitcoin looked: […]

Write data with own mime-types to NFC tags on Android

Write data with own mime-types to NFC tags on Android

Yesterday I attended a Facebook Hackathon at UCSD. For our hack we needed to be able to prepare some NFC tags with our own mime-types and data. After some searching online the best example I could find was an excellent […]

Denormalizing COBOL Copybooks using Python

I am working with Informatica PowerCenter on a day to day basis and sadly have to deal with data coming in who’se format is described by COBOL Copybooks. When a Copybook is imported PowerCenter decides that it will convert all […]