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Bitcoin mining on a Mac running Mountain Lion

I recently started speculating with some bitcoins. A lot of fun and a good way to learn the trading game. After trading with bitcoins for the last few weeks I wanted to see how the other side of bitcoin looked: the mining side. Since it took some figuring out to get all of it working on my Mac running Mountain Lion I decided to write the steps down:

This tutorial will get your Mac setup to mine using poclbm as part of a mining pool. Mining on your own with only a Mac is a lousy idea to begin with, don’t bother.

First step is to create an account with a mining pool website. I chose Go to the website and create an account. After verifying your e-mail you will get your first worker login.

Now we have the login ready, it is time to prepare the Mac. Go to the  App Store and install Xcode. Open Xcode after installing it. It will prompt you to accept a license agreement and install some extra components, do so. When Xcode is showing it’s welcome screen go to Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads and install the Command Line Tools.

It’s time to fire up the terminal. In the terminal run the following commands:

sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install pyserial pyopencl
git clone

That’s it! You are good to go mining now. To start mining, go to the terminal:

cd poclbm
python stratum://

Replace YOUR_WORKER_USERNAME and YOUR_WORKER_PASSWORD with the login info you created in the first step.

Screenshot showing my mac mining bitcoins with poclbm

Screenshot showing my mac mining bitcoins with poclbm

Happy mining!

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  1. Tmanok

    Hi, I’d like to know how to change the difficulty…. I’m running 10.9 and with GUI miners like asteroid I can mine with my GPU only so I used GUIminer that’s only suppose to be for windows but I’d call myself savvy with wrappers so any who It’s only on difficulty 3 also it only seems to be mining with the GPU…. Have a nice day thanks!

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