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Experiment with jingle gigs on Fiverr

Earlier this year I found out about Fiverr. A website where people will create customized things starting at $5. I tested with an experiment and had a jingle made for the daily stand up meeting at work – great success. So for my wedding in August of this year I decided to do an experiment. Give four people on Fiverr $5 to execute the exact same task to make a jingle:

I am going to get married in two weeks and I would like a jingle to open the wedding with. Something with “what a wonderful day today”, “let’s party”, “hope you all have a good time” or something similar – you will have full creative control . Name of me and the bride are Paulus and Anne Therese. Maybe cool if those names are in it too English pronunciation for both names is fine. So the end of Therese should sound sort a like the the end of “Greece”.

There are not too many but after going through Fiverr I found 4 people that will write a song and record it for just $5. The results are ranging from super awesome to funny.

My favourite is by far by Taylor. This is the result of his gig create a 16 line song about anything by Taylor Barks.

A complete different genre and probably a big favorite on the wedding was bluesight. Write and record a professional jingle by bluesight.

Customdrumploops did an okay job. I like his previous work for me more, but still like the result. Write you  a ukulele jingle by customdrumloops.

Banjoman not only wrote and recorded the song, he includes a video and a sketch. Pretty amazing. Sing a banjo song for you by banjoman15.

Not the same task, but for the wedding I also had a (Dutch) DJ drop made for $5 by powerjinglesnl which is really awesome.

Wedding photobooth

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